Boards of ENSA

Since the founding of the European Nursing Student Association (ENSA) in 2006 till 2022 the board of ENSA consisted of five board members for the board of directors. At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of 2022 the board voted, that additional three members can be elected from the delegates as deputy board members.

ENSA-Board 2022/23

President: Benedicte Molnes (Norway)
Vice President: Lukas Hilleke (Germany)
Board member: Eydís Sigfúsdóttir (Iceland)
Board member: Bernardo Marinho (Portugal)
Board member: Róisín O’Connell (Ireland)
Deputy Board member: Marie Ullbrich (Germany)
Deputy Board member: Florian Prutsch (Austria)
Deputy Board member: Dominik Kaderli (Switzerland)

Ex-Officio (Advisor to the board): Hugo Cunha (Portugal)

ENSA-Board 2021/22

President: Edel Taraldsen (Norway)
Vice-President: Lukas Hilleke (Germany)
Board Member: Benedicte Molnes (Norway)
Board Member: Pilar Lozano (Spain)
Board member: Hugo Cunha (Portugal)

Ex-Officio (Advisor to the board): Catherine O´Conner (Ireland)

ENSA-Board 2020/21

President: Catherine O´Conner (Ireland)
Vice-President: Edel Taraldsen (Norway)
Board Member: Lukas Hilleke (Germany)
Board Member: Hilal Shide Gure (Norway)
Board Member: Catia Azenha (Portugal)

Ex-Officio (Advisor to the board): Bartosz Pryba (Poland)

ENSA-Board 2019/20

President: David Mlakic (Croatia)
Vice-President: Bartosz Pryba (Poland)
Board Member: Tanguy Guibert (France)
Board Member: Nikolaos Simitzis (Greece)
Board Member: Ziga Metelko (Slovenia)

ENSA-Board 2018/19

President: Viviana Lundberg
Vice-President: Sebastian Dahl
Board Member: Floro Cubelo
Board Member: Emma McGorman

ENSA-Board 2017/18

President: Kristin Wesner (Norway)
Vice-President: Liam Conway (Ireland)
Board Member: Gabriel Bayreau (France)
Board Member: Max Vincent Ziezinski (Germany)
Board Member:Stefanie Assis Pinto (Switzerland)

ENSA-Board 2016/17

President: Julían Vadell Martínez (Spain)
Vice-President: Joakim Stubberud (Norway)
Board Member: Micky Kelderman (Netherlands)
Board Member: Katharina Kiupel (Germany)
Board Member: Olle Bescher (Sweden)

ENSA-Board 2015/16

President: Catherine Svedsen (Norway)
Vice-President: Helene Blanc (France)
Board Member: David Morgan (UK)
Board Member: Florian Tress (Germany)
Board Member: Julían Vadell Martínez (Spain)

ENSA-Board 2014/15

President: Dean Flanagan (Ireland)
Vice-President: Mia Andresen (Norway)
Board Member: Delphine Thézé (France)
Board Member: Erdinc Demirer (Turkey)
Board Member: Sanne Fuglsang Nyquist (Denmark)

ENSA-Board 2013/14


ENSA-Board 2012/13

President: Margarete Schwarz Kanstad (Norway)
Vice-President: Ina Siby (Sweden)
Board Member: Meltem Yildirim (Turkey)
Board Member: Christopher Kesting (Germany)
Board Member: Athanasios Tsingalis (Greece)

ENSA-Board 2011/12


ENSA-Board 2010/11


ENSA-Board 2009/10

President: Saffron Brown (UK)
Vice-President: Sascha Laackmann (Germany)
Board Member: Gwennaella Becourt (France)
Board Member: Mikaela Stadig (Sweden)
Board Member: Maja Strand (Norway)

ENSA-Board 2008/09


ENSA-Board 2007/08

President: Bennett Mott (UK)
Vice-President: Carin Lhotsky (Sweden)
Board Member: Stian Skare (Norway)
Board Member: Miha Strazar (Slovenia)
Board Member: Daniela Wilfinger (Austria)

ENSA-Board 2006/07

President: Barry McConaghy (Ireland)
Vice-President: Asrun Osp Jonasdottir (Iceland)
Board Member: Moira Wynne (Ireland)
Board Member: Andy Scott-Donkin (UK)
Board Member: Guro Karlshom (Norway)

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