AGM 2022

Annual General Meeting Participants 2022

Nursing Students from several different countries attended this years Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Conference of the European Nursing Student Association. The Conference was held under the theme “Help the helper”. Benedicte Molnes and Lukas Hilleke from the ENSA Board 2021/2022 hosted the event. The attendees of the conference had the opportunity to listen to a digital speech from Maggie Langings (Nursing and Midwifery Policy Adviser at WHO/Europe). Langings talked about “How to take care for yourselves” and encouraged the nursing students to keep up their good work in their home countries but also on a European and international level. After the talk attendes shared their opinions and experiences on the theme of the conference and it became clear that for many nursing students the problems were the same.

After the conference ENSAs delegates met for the Annual General Meeting. The Nursing students and young nurses from Norway, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Italy, Iceland, Switzerland, Poland and Croatia decided on the future of ENSA by discussing constitutional changes and voting on a new Board. For the first time in ENSAs history the delegates decided on the new deputy Board members. The deputy members of the Board will, with this term, support the work of the Board and ensure that more projects can be taken care of.

The Board members of the term 2022/2023 are Benedicte Molnes from Norway (Board member since 2021), Lukas Hilleke from Germany (Board member since 2021), Eydís Sigfúsdóttir from Iceland (newly elected Board member), Róisín O’Connell from Ireland (newly elected Board member) and Bernardo Marinho from Portugal (newly elected Board member). The deputy Board members are Marie Ullbrich from Germany, Florian Prutsch from Austria and Dominik Kaderli from Switzerland. Hugo Cunha from Portugal resigned from his position as Board member to become an Ex-Officio for the new Board. During the AGM the Austrian Nursing Student Association as well as the Italian Nursing Student Association were introduced as new members of the European Nursing Student Association.

The ENSA Board 2022/2023 sends a special “Thank you” to the former President Edel Marlèn Taraldsen from Norway and to the former Board member Pilar Lozano González from Spain: “You have done an amazing job in the Board and for the nursing students in Europe.”

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