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  • Meet the actual board of ENSA

    Since 2022, the board of directors of ENSA consists of up to 8 people: the president, the vice-president and three delegates. All of them have the right to vote. To support the board, up to three deputy members can be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Within the board of directors, the rolls of the president, the vice-president, the treasurer and the secretary are elected among these delegates.

    Benedicte Molnes

    My name is Benedicte Molnes and I am President of ENSA. I am currently in my last year of my Bachelor of Nursing degree at the University of Stavanger in Norway. Here in ENSA I am representing “Norsk sykepleierforbund”, the National nursing organization in Norway, where I sit as a board member formy second term. I have been a member of the ENSA Board since 2021. I am excited to work closely with the present board in improving the nursing education and work conditions for nursing students and young nurses in Europe.

    Lukas Hilleke

    My name is Lukas Hilleke and I am the Vice President of ENSA. I am a registered nurse from Germany and represent the “Junge Pflege im DBfK” – the National Nursing Student Association in Germany. Currently I am working in an ICU and part time in a medical simulation facility. I have been a member of the ENSA Board since 2020 and after my experience as VP in the last term I am looking forward to work with the new Board and giving nursing students and young nurses in Europe a strong voice.

    Eydís Sigfúsdóttir

    My name is Eydís Sigfúsdóttir. I’m 26 years old and come from a town called Egilsstaðir in east Iceland. I’m on 4th and last year in nursing at the University of Akureyri, which is a town in the north. I’m a director of public relations in the ENSA board 22-23. I’m a board member on behalf of healthcare science students at UNAK in SHA, which is the SU at UNAK. As well I’m a president of Eir, which is a sub-union within SHA. It’s the biggest sub-union with total of 370 members so it’s a lot going on where we safeguard students rights, plan events and other important things to make the uni life easy and fun. I work in a hospital in internal medicine department along my nursing studies and in my free time I like to travel to get to know different cultures and spend time with my friends and family.

    Bernardo Marinho

    My name is Bernardo Marinho, I am 20 years old and I am the Director of European Affairs of ENSA. I am from Portugal and I’m in my last year of my Bachelor in Coimbra Nursing School. I am the secretary of the fiscal council of the Nursing Student’s Association in my school since 2022, and I am also a member of the General Council in Coimbra Nursing School since 2021. This year, I became a member of National Federation of Nursing Students Associations (FNAEE), a structure that represents almost 9000 nursing students in Portugal. This year, I am looking forward to being able to work for all nursing students in Europe and give them a strong voice.

    Róisín O´Connell

    My name is Róisín O’Connell and I´m the Director of Internal Affairs of ENSA. I am from Ireland. I I am trainef as a general nurse and I qualified in 2019. I began working for the INMO in December 2021 as the Student and New Graduate Officer. Previous to that, I had been working in one of Irelands busiest emergency departments. I could see the strain that our health system was under and I wanted to try and help make it a safer and more enjoyable learning environment for our student nurses. I bring great experience to the board as I am also on the ICN Nursing student steering group as the European representative.

    Marie Ullbrich

    My name is Marie Ullbrich and I am the treasurer of the ENSA board. I am currently working as an ICU nurse in a burns unit in Germany, whilst studying health and nursing sciences as part of a Master’s program My other pastime is my volunteering in the DBfK, where I am involved in the National Nursing Student Association in Germany.

    Florian Prutsch

    My name is Florian Prutsch, I’m 30 years old and I´m a 5th semester nursing student from Vienna, Austria. I´m in my last year of my Bachelor of Science in Health Studies. My role in ENSA is to be the secretary of communication. Since the start of my study I´m active within the national nurses organization of Austria (ÖGKV), and a founding member of the student nurses organization and board member. In 2013 I did my mandatory civil service as an emergency medical technician for the Red Cross branch in my hometown, and since that I’ve been in the medical and nursing field. My goal is to connect with other student nurses and RN`s all around Europe for an exchange of knowledge and experiences alongside our studies and beyond.

    Dominik Kaderli

    My name is Dominik Kaderli, I’m 25 years old. I’m a student in the nursing HF Somatik course at the Zurich acute hospital. In the fourth semester, I was able to gather many memorable impressions and made the decision to continue my commitment to all nursing students. In my free time, I read a lot of books and served on the local committee of the SBK St.Gallen for the nursing initiative.

  • AGM 2022

    Annual General Meeting Participants 2022

    Nursing Students from several different countries attended this years Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Conference of the European Nursing Student Association. The Conference was held under the theme “Help the helper”. Benedicte Molnes and Lukas Hilleke from the ENSA Board 2021/2022 hosted the event. The attendees of the conference had the opportunity to listen to a digital speech from Maggie Langings (Nursing and Midwifery Policy Adviser at WHO/Europe). Langings talked about “How to take care for yourselves” and encouraged the nursing students to keep up their good work in their home countries but also on a European and international level. After the talk attendes shared their opinions and experiences on the theme of the conference and it became clear that for many nursing students the problems were the same.

    After the conference ENSAs delegates met for the Annual General Meeting. The Nursing students and young nurses from Norway, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Italy, Iceland, Switzerland, Poland and Croatia decided on the future of ENSA by discussing constitutional changes and voting on a new Board. For the first time in ENSAs history the delegates decided on the new deputy Board members. The deputy members of the Board will, with this term, support the work of the Board and ensure that more projects can be taken care of.

    The Board members of the term 2022/2023 are Benedicte Molnes from Norway (Board member since 2021), Lukas Hilleke from Germany (Board member since 2021), Eydís Sigfúsdóttir from Iceland (newly elected Board member), Róisín O’Connell from Ireland (newly elected Board member) and Bernardo Marinho from Portugal (newly elected Board member). The deputy Board members are Marie Ullbrich from Germany, Florian Prutsch from Austria and Dominik Kaderli from Switzerland. Hugo Cunha from Portugal resigned from his position as Board member to become an Ex-Officio for the new Board. During the AGM the Austrian Nursing Student Association as well as the Italian Nursing Student Association were introduced as new members of the European Nursing Student Association.

    The ENSA Board 2022/2023 sends a special “Thank you” to the former President Edel Marlèn Taraldsen from Norway and to the former Board member Pilar Lozano González from Spain: “You have done an amazing job in the Board and for the nursing students in Europe.”

  • Boards of ENSA

    Since the founding of the European Nursing Student Association (ENSA) in 2006 till 2022 the board of ENSA consisted of five board members for the board of directors. At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of 2022 the board voted, that additional three members can be elected from the delegates as deputy board members.

    ENSA-Board 2022/23

    President: Benedicte Molnes (Norway)
    Vice President: Lukas Hilleke (Germany)
    Board member: Eydís Sigfúsdóttir (Iceland)
    Board member: Bernardo Marinho (Portugal)
    Board member: Róisín O’Connell (Ireland)
    Deputy Board member: Marie Ullbrich (Germany)
    Deputy Board member: Florian Prutsch (Austria)
    Deputy Board member: Dominik Kaderli (Switzerland)

    Ex-Officio (Advisor to the board): Hugo Cunha (Portugal)

    ENSA-Board 2021/22

    President: Edel Taraldsen (Norway)
    Vice-President: Lukas Hilleke (Germany)
    Board Member: Benedicte Molnes (Norway)
    Board Member: Pilar Lozano (Spain)
    Board member: Hugo Cunha (Portugal)

    Ex-Officio (Advisor to the board): Catherine O´Conner (Ireland)

    ENSA-Board 2020/21

    President: Catherine O´Conner (Ireland)
    Vice-President: Edel Taraldsen (Norway)
    Board Member: Lukas Hilleke (Germany)
    Board Member: Hilal Shide Gure (Norway)
    Board Member: Catia Azenha (Portugal)

    Ex-Officio (Advisor to the board): Bartosz Pryba (Poland)

    ENSA-Board 2019/20

    President: David Mlakic (Croatia)
    Vice-President: Bartosz Pryba (Poland)
    Board Member: Tanguy Guibert (France)
    Board Member: Nikolaos Simitzis (Greece)
    Board Member: Ziga Metelko (Slovenia)

    ENSA-Board 2018/19

    President: Viviana Lundberg
    Vice-President: Sebastian Dahl
    Board Member: Floro Cubelo
    Board Member: Emma McGorman

    ENSA-Board 2017/18

    President: Kristin Wesner (Norway)
    Vice-President: Liam Conway (Ireland)
    Board Member: Gabriel Bayreau (France)
    Board Member: Max Vincent Ziezinski (Germany)
    Board Member:Stefanie Assis Pinto (Switzerland)

    ENSA-Board 2016/17

    President: Julían Vadell Martínez (Spain)
    Vice-President: Joakim Stubberud (Norway)
    Board Member: Micky Kelderman (Netherlands)
    Board Member: Katharina Kiupel (Germany)
    Board Member: Olle Bescher (Sweden)

    ENSA-Board 2015/16

    President: Catherine Svedsen (Norway)
    Vice-President: Helene Blanc (France)
    Board Member: David Morgan (UK)
    Board Member: Florian Tress (Germany)
    Board Member: Julían Vadell Martínez (Spain)

    ENSA-Board 2014/15

    President: Dean Flanagan (Ireland)
    Vice-President: Mia Andresen (Norway)
    Board Member: Delphine Thézé (France)
    Board Member: Erdinc Demirer (Turkey)
    Board Member: Sanne Fuglsang Nyquist (Denmark)

    ENSA-Board 2013/14


    ENSA-Board 2012/13

    President: Margarete Schwarz Kanstad (Norway)
    Vice-President: Ina Siby (Sweden)
    Board Member: Meltem Yildirim (Turkey)
    Board Member: Christopher Kesting (Germany)
    Board Member: Athanasios Tsingalis (Greece)

    ENSA-Board 2011/12


    ENSA-Board 2010/11


    ENSA-Board 2009/10

    President: Saffron Brown (UK)
    Vice-President: Sascha Laackmann (Germany)
    Board Member: Gwennaella Becourt (France)
    Board Member: Mikaela Stadig (Sweden)
    Board Member: Maja Strand (Norway)

    ENSA-Board 2008/09


    ENSA-Board 2007/08

    President: Bennett Mott (UK)
    Vice-President: Carin Lhotsky (Sweden)
    Board Member: Stian Skare (Norway)
    Board Member: Miha Strazar (Slovenia)
    Board Member: Daniela Wilfinger (Austria)

    ENSA-Board 2006/07

    President: Barry McConaghy (Ireland)
    Vice-President: Asrun Osp Jonasdottir (Iceland)
    Board Member: Moira Wynne (Ireland)
    Board Member: Andy Scott-Donkin (UK)
    Board Member: Guro Karlshom (Norway)

  • Who are we and what we aim for?

    The  European  Nursing  Student  Association  (ENSA)  is an organization for co-operation between national nursing student organizations or colleges of Nursing in Europe. The purpose of ENSA is to bring together European nursing students and representatives from all countries across Europe. We want to discuss both practical and theoretical parts of our education, look at the differences and similarities, give and receive advice, and help each other understand the world of nursing. It is a way of stimulating each other to try to change adverse situations. Solidarity is, therefore, an essential quality within the group, and the members can benefit by taking part in it. ENSA is an advisory body and is following the members’ national policies.

    All our work is done by members of ENSA on a voluntary basis.

    The main aims of ENSA are:

    • Promoting the highest possible training standard for European nursing students, so that the highest possible standard for nursing and health care is promoted and maintained for everyone regardless of age, race, skin colour, religious conviction, gender, orientation, political conviction, social status and mental state.
    • Promoting the interests of nursing students and encouraging high professional ideals among them. -Promoting and encouraging international relations between nursing students.
    • Providing  advice,  if  requested,  for  the  creation  and  development  of  national  nursing  student organizations.
    • Promoting solidarity work  at national and international level. In this respect  ENSA will observe the ethical rules of the international council of nurses (ICN).
    • Organising an annual conference during which the annual general meeting will take place. -Cooperating with national and international nurses, nursing students and health organizations.
    • Participating in programmes or projects with a view to improving the profile of nursing students, the standards of nursing training and international practice.
    • Wherever possible, spreading information, news  and opinions that may be of interests for nursing students, the nursing profession and governmental and political organisations.
    • Creating a uniform voice representing all nursing students at European level.